About Us

CDF Overview

CDF Overview

The Children’s Dignity Forum (CDF) is a voluntary, private, non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit-making Civil Society children’s rights organization based in Dar Es Salaam as its headquarters, founded and registered in 2006 under the NGO Act No. 24/2002. CDF has a sub – office in Mara region.

The CDF's work is geared towards producing a select range of high-visibility products on children's issues with a view to influencing public attitudes and policy and building the capacity (on legal and human rights issues) of child-focused organizations in Tanzania. It provides a forum for dialogue and discussion on issues affecting children. It seeks to explore new and contentious issues. CDF "put children FIRST" in all aspects of its work.


CDF is a not-for-profit organization that works for promotion of children'srights for most vulnerable children , through creation of working forums that empower children, families and communities.


CDF envisages a Tanzania landscape where children dwell in a context permeated with dignity and where social justice is upheld.

Our Core Values

  1. Gender Equality (Involves mainly creation or promotion of similar conditions necessary for access to resources, benefits, and participation for both sexes)
  2. Partnership  (No imposition or suppression of views or opinions on others, but instead working together towards consensus building), and
  3. Participation and Voice of the Children (ensuring that children’s voices are audible and guide or inform the development process accordingly).

Priority Areas                                    

The core functions of CDF are embedded in its vision and mission.

  1. CDF’s function is to strenghten and facilitate humacan rights advocacy for children at risk and or affected by child marriage, FGM, gender based violence, and other gender inequalities
  2. CDF has a function involving the establishment of a supportive environment for enhancement of meaningful child protection and sustainable participation of children in development initiatives in their communities
  3. CDF works towards engaging men and boys in the promotion of women’s and girls’ rights to uphold gender equality
  4. CDF works towards strengethening its organizational capacity in order to effectively and efficiently implement its strategic plan 

Aims and Objectives

Overall aim: To promote respect and observance of human rights of children in Tanzania

Specific aims

  1. Raising awareness to the public and on child rights violations, particularly child marriage and Female Genital Mutilation
  2. Infuencing laws, policies and decision making with regards to the promotion and protection of children rights.

To empower children, particularly vulnerable girls know their rights and access information, entitlement and rights.

Priority Areas

The CDF’s work is focused on three thematic areas namely:

  1. Child marriage, Child pregnancy and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
  2. Child Protection and Participation
  3. Men and Boys Engagement.

CDF works on its priority areas through:

  1. Community dialogue, consultative meetings and workshops.
  2. Capacity building and empowerment trainings.
  3. Awareness raising campaigns.
  4. Media advocacy through radio and TV.
  5. Research, publications and documentations of the best practices.
  6. Service provision which involves starting up income generating activities for young mothers

Geographic Coverage

Article 8 of the CDF Constitution empowers the organization to operate all over Tanzania.  CDF is currently working in Dar Es Salaam, Coastal, Mwanza, Mara, Mbeya, Iringa and Njombe regions.

CDF Major Programs

  1. Mobilizing Action to Safeguard Rights of Girls in Tanzania 2009-2015
  2. Enhance Child Participation  and Protection in Tanzania 2012-2015
  3. Men  and Boys Engagement  for Gender Equality 2014-2018