About Us

Mission & Vision

CDF is a not-for-profit organization that works for Promotion of Children's rights for most vulnerable children, through creation of working forums that empower children, families and communities.

CDF envisages a Tanzania landscape where children dwell in a context permeated with dignity and where social justice is upheld.

Core Values
1.    Gender Equality
CDF works towards achieving gender equality through its programs, trainings and workshops with various stakeholders to fight against issues of gender based violence, early child marriage, female genital mutilation, as well as the involvement of men & young boys in the fight for gender equality.

2.    Partnership
CDF employees work towards establishing partnerships with other partners & stakeholders to address the issues children are facing today, including issues of gender based violence, early child marriage and female genital mutilation. While CDF is a leader in this field, it also recognizes the need for a collaborative & cooperative approach to the issues to collectively strive for children’s dignity.

3.    Participation and Voice of the children
CDF actively works towards supporting children in the participation and voicing their views concerning the consequences that affect them directly; this includes children’s clubs/networks & councils, trainings & workshops, etc. where children can actively participate and voice their visions, views & opinions.