End Violence Against Children

June 11th 2014 marked the End Violence Against Children event, held at the British Council in Tanzania, addressing the necessity to concentrate efforts on ending violence, specifically sexual violence, against children, and the subsequent physical and psychological consequences for victims. CDF, as well as several other stakeholders from Tanzania and London came up with recommendations to end violence against children.

Recommendations for the End Violence against Children included:

  1. The need to call upon the whole international community to have a broader long-term vision of addressing the sexual violence victims experience, as well as the need to prevent sexual and any other form of gender-based violence against children
  2. Encourage a multitier approach in addressing the impunity for perpetrators, while also responding to the health and safety needs of the victims, necessitates the investment in prevention, as well as support services
  3. The need to take into account bringing perpetrators of all violent crimes to justice, including sexual crimes, targeted at women and girls
  4. Recognize that violence and all forms of abuse are preventable through continued pressure on global leaders and their commitments to ending all types of violence
  5. Affirming the need to invest in programs, trainings, workshops and other work that addresses the root causes and social norms that undermine any forms of violence