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Album:           Sensitization in Tarime Primary Schools
Description: CDF is conducted a sensitization on FGM and Child marriage as part of comprehensive sexuality education in Tarime schools. This is among the planned activities on FGM and child marriage as part of a comprehensive sexuality education in Tarime District, thsi progran is under the technical and financial support of UNFPA the targeted schools were 8 schools from 3 wards that is Mwema ward (kabitere and Mkulima primary schools), Kiore ward ( Nkerege and Nyagisya Primary schools)and Manga ward ( Kembwi and Abinamo Primary schools together with Manga secondary schools. The sensitization was based on establishing and running school clubs where where each club recruited 30 children as club members and the recruitment was gender based hence both boys and girls participate in the clubs. The children were all fron standard Four to six un primary schools and they were trained by the ambassador of anti FGM and Child marriages in their villages. The major aim of this traing was to strengthen the capacity of children to understand their rights and help other children especially girls to become aware and understand their rights and negative effects of FGM and Child marriage.

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