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Album:           CDF's - Schools Out Reach
Description: After the launch of the film " The True story of Ghati and Rhobi" in Tarime District in Mara Region and Dar es Salaam CDF has continued to use the film as an advocacy tool to raise more awareness on FGM to children in schools and has been able to do this in 5 wards in Tarime namely Manga, Nyamwagan mwema , Sirari and Susuni wards and have reached students in different schools such as Abinamo, Biswari, Komaswa, Nyamwaga, Bitwari, Keisangora, Mwema Secondary school, Korotambe, Kubiterere, Nyairoma Sirari, Keyiroba Nyabirongo, Kiongera and Kikomori School

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