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Album:           OPEN MARKET EVENTS
Description: Children's Dignity Forum (CDF) has recently conducted five open market events which targeted the areas where FGM is commonly practiced and where they plan to have FGM season this year. The event was conducted in the evening and involved a total of five wards in Tarime District namely Sirari, Nyamwaga, Susuni, Mwema and Sabasaba. The community members in the mentioned wards gathered in open spaces such as the football ground and the market place which were able to accommodate large number of people, to watch the screening of the animation film the “THE TRUE STORY OF GHATI AND RHOBI” and after which continued with discussions on FGM and its effects to their communities. Through the Open Market Events CDF was able to reach more than 1500 people and this number comprised of both men, women and children.

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