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Album:           Press Release Statement the Appeal Against Child Marriage Case
Description: On Thursday 4th August 2016, the Tanzania Ending Child Marriage Network (TECMN) issues a statement in regards to the intention of the office of the Attorney General to appeal against High Court's decision in the case Rebeca Gyumi vs A.G where the High courts judgement rule towards the law of miarriage act as discriminatory and unconstitutional. Tanzania Ending Child Marriage Network (TECMN) Calls on the Government of Tanzania to exercise the protection and promotion of women and girls rights, and as a signatory of the UN Sustainable Development Goals of which Goal 5 is on Gender Equality , and the Africa Union Agenda 2063 ,should aim at eliminating all forms of gender-based violence and discrimination (socially, economically and politically) against women and children so that they fully exercise their human rights.

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